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Dr. James Bailey

Your doctor should know you


Personalized Care

I take the time to understand you, your health goals and your preferred methods of treatment to find an approach that works for you.



Many procedures can be performed in our clinic at no additional cost. Having these procedures done by your primary care physician can save you time, money and hassle.




I will work with specialists, holistic providers, physical therapists and more to streamline your care. 




Mental health is important for everyone. Whether you are having a new issue arise or have long standing struggles I want to help care for you.

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Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is an alternative to the insurance-based model of healthcare. For an affordable fixed rate you and your doctor work together. No insurance companies, administrators or bureaucrats will interfere in your health care.

Dr. Bailey


Dr. James Bailey is a Family Medicine physician, husband, and father of two children. He practices primary care for all ages.

At Artisan Primary Care, we combine quality medicine with a positive patient experience. Rather than “factory medicine”, we take an individualized approach to care. With the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model we can spend more time with you, the patient, and focus on what is most important.


A typical Family Medicine physician in the insurance market has thousands of patients to look after. At the same time, insurance companies made it so a physician can only spend about 15 minutes with patients. And on top of all that these third parties have their own checklist of items that have to be addressed in each visit, even if they are not relevant to a patient’s needs.


Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model created and practiced by physicians that don’t accept these imposed barriers to a good Doctor-Patient relationship. With DPC, the physician doesn’t get paid by the patient’s insurance at all. Instead patients pay a monthly membership similar to joining a gym or health club, and don’t pay anything extra for office visits and medical services.

That means no more co-pays, unexpected charges, or different quality of care based on what insurance you have. It also allows physicians to have a smaller panel of patients, and that translates to more time and individual attention for your needs. Services unheard of in an insurance practice such as longer appointments, the ability to contact your doctor directly, personalized lifestyle improvement education and support/coaching, proactive health planning, and consultation on supplements and alternative medical therapies become standard parts of the quality care you will receive.

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