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Treat Your Employees Like Family

You want to take care of your employees and so do we. We understand that keeping your employees happy and healthy keeps your business productive. Providing high value benefits is the best way to improve employee loyalty. Across industries it has been shown that, more than a pay raise, feeling like a valuable member of the team matters most.

How many people are truly excited about their benefits? People love coming into Dr. Bailey’s clinic. This is a place where patients get inspired to improve their health. 

Low Cost for High Value Care

Add something extra. Whether you are already providing health benefits or not, providing a DPC membership will feel like an extra perk. Your employees will receive executive level healthcare at no cost to them. There are no copays, and no charges for in-house labs and procedures. Meanwhile you pay a set fee and will never be surprised with an unexpected charge.

Many local employers have found that it is difficult to attract potential employees to this beautiful area because they are reluctant to live somewhere with such a low physician per capita rate.Typical wait times to get in to see a doctor are particularly high in this area. That is not the case at Artisan Primary Care. Dr. Bailey keeps his patient panel to a small number allowing him to schedule within a few days or even same day for urgent needs. 

How Medicine Should Be

Your doctor should know you. Building a relationship with your doctor is more than a luxury, it is essential to providing good medical care. Medical care is complicated. Providing the best care takes time and an understanding of patients’ goals. When you see a different doctor every time you go into the office and are rushed in and out, this is not just an inconvenience it’s a risk. Imagine seeing the same doctor every time you come in and having an unrushed appointment where you can address all your concerns. 

The convenience or a personal physician leads to better health and productivity. Same day appointments, after-hours care and contact by phone or text will all help get your employees back to work quickly.

Corporate Membership Plan

If you are joining with 10 or more members you are eligible for a corporate rate of $125/ per month per employee. You also have the option of offering memberships to spouses and children of employees. 

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