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Personalized Care

Around the clock access—you will have my cell phone number to call, text, (or email) me anytime of the day or night, during weekends, and on holidays. Getting excellent medical care and advice should not be limited to traditional medical office hours. 


Same day/Next day office visits—Because the size of my practice is smaller and more intimate, you will not need to wait more than one day for an urgent office or home visit. Never again will you have to feel like you will either be "dead or better" by the time of your scheduled office visit. 


No rushed office visits—Gone are the harried visits of the past. Now you and I will have the time we need to safely treat you if you are ill, or to keep you well if you are not. You will have the luxury of fully understanding your condition and the personalized plan we have developed for your treatment. We will also have the leisure to actively support your wellness and help you reach your best possible health. 


Hi-tech access—with your permission we can communicate conveniently about your healthcare needs by cell phone, text, video chat, email, etc. The sky is the limit for us to be in contact around the clock! 


Annual wellness exam/Full physical exam—I believe this exam is the cornerstone of your wellness and you can take advantage of this uniquely personalized visit that is included in your membership fee. 


Quick visits—our extended visits are great, but so is the availability of quick in-and-out care when appropriate. I also have no wait, same day appointments for simpler issues such as urinary infections, sinus infections, head colds, etc. Imagine calling my cell phone to report a suspected urinary tract infection, being offered a chance to come right over, have your urine tested, get a focused exam, and all at no additional cost. In such a scenario there is no waiting with painful symptoms, and no need to go out for lab work. It is one stop shopping that is also safe and convenient!

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